The Sanctuary at Hillside is an early learning centre for children.


Our excursions are supporting our children in developing a sense of belonging to our community. 

Some of our babies and toddlers have had the opportunity to be a part of daily walks in our community. 
The highlight of their experience so far is visiting the horses and a donkey who live close by to our service.


Getting out and about into the community is not only an exciting change of scene from The Sanctuary, but it also provides a whole host of benefits for children.


The children at The Sanctuary At Hillside can be seen out exploring the local area on their regular excursions. Vanessa George, our excursion co-ordinator at The Sanctuary At Hillside says, “Our most recent excursion was to the local linear park where we took our morning tea and had a picnic”. We love the wonderful wide open space!”


But what are the children learning from being out and about? “We talk about road safety while walking to the park, they learn about the importance of listening to their educators in public spaces and respecting those around them” says Caitlin, our Centre Manager. “They’re also learning all about different gross body movements involved in the sporting activities” adds Stacey, our 2IC.


The children from The Sanctuary have been visiting our local linear parks in recent months. The Sanctuary believes that children should have a respected voice in the world and shouldn’t be invisible in our community. And they’re certainly not invisible when on excursion with our fluoro vests! By getting out and exploring, children get to know different spaces in their local community and can experience the natural environment outside of their immediate world inside the centre. Excursions also give children “time and space to move their bodies. To express themselves and feel good,” adds Stacey.