The Sanctuary at Hillside is an early learning centre for children.

Our Team

The Sanctuary At Hillside is owned by Kellie Normington.


We would like to introduce the team of professionals who work together with the children and families to create the service it is today.


Caitlin Patterson is our Centre Manager. Her passion lies with working with the educators, children and families on developing children's growth and wellbeing.


Nicole Hageman is our Business Manager.  Nicole has worked with Kellie for many years in Human Resources and Finance roles.  Nicole's role is to assist Kellie & Caitlin to support our team of staff, manage the centre finances and manage our building and assets.


Seniz Alpozgen is our Educational Leader. Her role will be to work in direct contact with the team and support the services educational program. 


Our nursery team is led by Maria Matos along with Cassandra Murat, Bansi Patel and Niloo Singh.


Room 1 (1-2 year old room) is led by Monica Nekic & Margaret Fava along with Jenny Chohye Lee, Elisha Punicki & Jesma Chandra.


Room 2 (2-3 year old room) is led by Vanessa George along with Mona Goyal, Ruth Careless, Tammy Van, Kayla Cutajar & Tegan Vince.


Room 3 (3-4 year old room) is led by Stacey Hawryluk (2IC) & Ranjit Sandhu along with Terri Jones and Nikki Sandhu. 


Our Kindergarten is led by Preeti Gulati along with Briana Banfeild, Trudie Stainwell and Asma Nathani.


Our meals are prepared by Jacqui Blackburn and Cathryn Zaccaria-Pistritto who are our centre cooks/chefs. 


Bilijana Trenkovska & Shelli Kaur are currently covering planning and annual leave.